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Sina Lloyd Singer and Songwriter, Vocalist, Original Music

Sina Lloyd

Welcome to my music! I'm all about crafting melodies that tell stories, and I'm happy you're here to listen in. Your support is truly appreciated, and I'm genuinely thankful for it.

If you enjoy what you hear, please share my tracks with your friends and family. 


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From Earphones to Empowerment!

I'm Sina Lloyd, an independent singer and songwriter on a mission to create music that resonates deep within the heart and soul. My musical journey kicked off back in 2012 on a whim, armed with nothing but my sister's old Apple laptop and a pair of worn-out earphones. Little did I know that those humble beginnings would set the stage for an incredible odyssey in the world of music.


From those early days of tinkering, I've come a long way. My passion led me from GarageBand to Logic Pro, and eventually to the sophisticated realm of Pro Tools. With each step, my creative process evolved.


In 2019, I took my commitment to music a step further by enrolling at the 'Deutsche Pop' Institute in Vienna. This journey wasn't just about learning; it was about immersing myself in the world of music as a Music Designer, Audio Producer, Audio Engineer, and Audio Designer. The countless hours spent honing my skills, understanding the intricacies of sound, and delving into the art of production have been nothing short of transformative.

My music is more than just melodies and lyrics. Having faced my share of challenges while growing up, I turned to music as a guiding light, a friend, and a healer. My goal now is to give back by creating songs that move people, inspire them to overcome life's obstacles, and resonate with their own journeys.


Through my compositions, I hope to create a space where emotions flow freely, where stories are shared, and where the universal language of music bridges the gaps between us.


With gratitude and melody,


Sina Lloyd

Sina Lloyd Singer and Songwriter, Vocalist, Original Music

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