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"Great things never came from Comfort Zones"

Every once in a while you come across someone you feel instantly connected to. That doesn’t happen to me very often, I normally need a couple of months to warm up to people, to figure out if they’re trustworthy and genuine.

But then suddenly, out of nowhere, you meet someone who feels so familiar, like you’ve known him/her for years. Nonetheless, you don’t know that someone, never seen him/her or spoken to him/her, but when he/she starts talking about his/her life, you feel like he/she’s citing your own biography.

Having been through so much myself, I often forget that almost everybody out there struggles at some point in their life.

Naturally, I felt stupid and naive, convincing myself that this connection is not mutual and just a figment of my imagination. If there’s any truth to this assumption, I will never know. My insecurities surfaced yet again and made me this small, insecure and nervous shadow of a woman.

I know that you can’t really change first impressions and everything happens for a reason, but this encounter showed me, yet again, to finally let go of my past and all the unreasonable doubts and fears associated with it. I’ve made a conscious decision to start off fresh, turn the page and start a new chapter in my life. First matter of business, stop assuming the worst in others and stop being afraid of what people might think of me.

Maybe next time I’ll be able to appreciate encounters, like the one mentioned above, more. Maybe next time I won’t make a complete fool of myself. Maybe cut out all the nervous stuttering and maybe just maybe, for once in my life, I'll be able to NOT talk myself down.

All modesty aside, I ain't that bad! I know it won’t be easy and I also know that I tried to rewire my brain and/or reboot my mind to think positive numerous times in the past but never with any lasting or life changing outcome. This time I really need to venture out of my comfort zone! Let's do this!

#Stronger #Believeinyourself #Confidence #ComfortZone

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