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About Me

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Sina Lloyd has always been passionate about music. Music is Sina’s reality and her escape, her shield and her catharsis, the lilt to her laughter and the light of her undying love. Music is Sina’s very soul. And it has ever been so. 


Sina is a citizen of the world, having lived in such distant and different places as London and Chicago, with a large network of loyal friends that spans the globe over. She speaks German and English fluently, and can get by in a few others, but the language she understands and expresses best is music.


Sina wrote her first lyrics at the tender age of 11 and began creating and making music with her twin sister Lisa-Maria when they were both just 14. Be it the piano, the keyboard or the guitar, Sina will draw forth the beautiful music that lies latent in the keys and strings with ease, excellence and enthusiasm.


In 2013, Sina was very deservedly nominated “Best Pop Singer of the Year” by the Chicago Independent Music Awards. Sina first shared her recorded music with the public in 2012 via social media, where she has developed a devoted following of adoring thousands. For a long period in 2014, Sina held the #1 rank on ReverbNation for independent pop music in the highly competitive market of her home country.


So many things separate Sina from the rank and file recording artist – her dedication, her sheer love of the craft, her humanity and her responsibility to her fans and followers. Sina bravely adheres to a strict moral compass, a rare breath of fresh air in this age of explicitness and exploitation. 


But it is Sina’s voice that truly elevates her above the rest, that makes her music most remarkable and memorable. Raw and real, her voice is unique, unlike any other in the business, as soft as a spring rain, more pure than innocence. Her singing style is deceptively simple yet emotionally complex, so very sensitive, expressive and unabashedly emotive. Her vocal melodies are nothing short of brilliant, effortlessly luring the listener along a labyrinthine journey of love and pain and joy and sorrow, of hope and fear and faith and courage. And her lyrics are so poignant as to be profound. 

Sina Lloyd is not just a singer, not only a songwriter. She is a force. A power, pure and true. And she changes you. For the better.


Biographical Notes by Sean Rodden, author of ‘Whispers of War’

"Every once in a while, something comes along in our lives that we must stop and give it our attention; whether it's a painting, a home, a car, a garden ... Sina Lloyd is that once in a while."

                                                             - Mark Francisco Cereceres

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